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    Rental Information
    It's time to make the move...
    Start a business as flea market vendor

    The Jockey Lot has opened up opportunities for thousands of people by giving them a low-overhead way to market merchandise. Flea markets have been one of the most efficient methods for small businesses and entreprenuers to make merchandise available to the general public. It's time to take action...and put your business in the Jockey Lot!

    If you wish to become a permanent vendor you may fill out, sign, and email completed application to info@jockeylot.com. Receipt of emailed application does not guarantee space rental at the Anderson Jockey lot, nor does it place you on the core space waiting list. In order to reserve a space or be placed on the waiting list the Jockey Lot must first receive payment. This may be done during our normal office hours in person, or by credit/debit card payment over the phone.

    view at indoor dealer booths at the flea market

    Outside Spaces - Pricing
    Outside spaces are available for rent without a long term commitment. Each space can be rented for 1 day or for 13 weeks at a time. For one day rental it's $12.00 and if you want to reserve a space for 13 consecutive weeks it's $8.00 a space.

    Inside Spaces - Pricing
    Inside spaces are made available at a rate of $15 perday.
    For reservations and applications as permanent dealer call the office at 864-224-2027.
    view at indoor dealer booths at the flea market

    Container - Pricing
    If you are planning on setting up a table on a permanent basis, you may want to consider a container. Our friendly office staff answers every question. Containers are available for rent and allow you to leave your merchandise at the Jockey Lot from one week to the next week. The container rental rate is currently $10 per week, with a $40.00 deposit.

    For more information and general advise check back with the office. Our friendly staff answers every question.
    view at indoor dealer booths at the flea market

    Internet Advertising

    Vendor Directory
    • $8.00vendor/month
    • Every active monthly / weekly vendor will be listed under vendor directory on the website.
    • A visitor can look up a vendor either by Vendor Name or Company Name or Product. Drop down windows will be displayed for look up by Vendor Name or Company Name and Product.
    • For each active vendor, vendor name, vendor company name, booth numbers, section and product will be displayed under the Vendor Directory section of the website. A picture of the vendor's space will also be displayed , if the picture is provided to E-SoftSys in digital format. Only one picture per vendor will be displayed regardless of the number of booths they rent

    Vendor Home page
    • $15.00/vendor/month (optional)
    • For an additional monthly fee of $15.00, the vendor can optionally display up to 5 products with product images, description and pricing info for each product. Vendor's Home Page will also display contact info, brief company overview and link to vendor's website (if it exists). Vendors can change products, description, price etc. as often as they want as part of the monthly fee and E-SoftSys will provide the necessary support to vendors.