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    About Us
    Flea Market - From Idea to Reality

    A visit to a flea market in Mexico by D. C. Bryson and Richard McClellion sparked the idea to create the Anderson Jockey Lot and Farmers' Market. D.C. decided that he would build a flea market, but his flea market would have plenty of parking and clean restrooms. He succeeded on both counts. The Jockey Lot opened in November 1974 on 65 acres right of Hwy 29 between Anderson and Greenville SC and has grown ever since.

    Our Dealers
    More than likely, any item you may be looking for can be found from one of the hundreds of dealers who offer their wares for sale....or you may even want to have the yard sale you have been talking about.

    Click for a printable Map of the Jockey Lot (Size 1200x1700 pixel, 18x11 print, 270 kB)

    Today's Jockey Lot
    Today, the Jockey Lot has grown to cover more than 65 acres with more than 2,150 spaces. The average daily attendance is 30,000 to 60,000 people.
    Food and Refreshments

    Food and Refreshments
    We also like to brag on the snack bars and restaurants located at the Jockey Lot. Here you can enjoy a wide variety of foods from short orders to full-course meals.
    Food and Refreshments